Deneš Kubiček

Prvi hrvatski Oracle ACE Director.

Djelatnost poduzeća:

Manager and Oracle / Oracle Apex Consultant, BI-Cubes / Opal Consulting (

Denes Kubicek was born in Croatia and had lived in Germany for the last 18 years.

He is the "Oracle Application Express Developer of the Year 2008 " and well known Oracle blogger at He worked for T-Systems, Telekom, BASF, Postbank, Windhagen and several other big companies. He is an active OTN user with more than 4000 postings and his Demo Application at is one of the most popular Apex sources on the net.

Denes Kubicek is also an Oracle ACE Director and first Oracle ACE Director from Croatia.

Deneš Kubiček


Berliner Ring 105
64625 Bensheim

tel: +4915123001297

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Deneš Kubiček